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Model Behavior
In the midst of N’SYNC mania (don’t you dare even mention the Backstreet Boys), Justin Timberlake made many young girls’ dreams come true when h starred in Model Behavior. Not only did it feature the biggest heartthrob of the time (though unfortunately he wasn’t sporting the frosted tips) but it involved a scenario usually reserved for Mary Kate and Ashley, in which a normal girl switches lives with a model and gets to date Timberlake. Kathie Lee Gifford also appears, pretty randomly, as the model’s mother. A sequel would only work if Timberlake came back, especially since he went from boy band cutie to legitimate superstar. Since Kathie Lee is busy drinking with Hoda, maybe Kelly Ripa can take her place. As for the girls who switch places, Lindsay Lohan has some experience in that area and her recent attempt at a comeback wasn’t exactly a success.

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