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Kiara gets a 9 from Rob and a 7 from Kelly, which causes Bryanboy and Rob to call her a hater. Kelly then threatens to rip the soccer mom wig off of Bryanboy’s head, which makes him cross himself. I’d try garlic or a wooden stake.

- Potes, America’s Next Top Model 19-11 “The Girl Who Freaks Out on Horseback” Recap

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Kelly does not like her body position and says that she looks like a middle aged man about to take a nap on a new bed. Now, that comment was not up to snuff. If we were back in the Janice Dickinson days that comment would have been, “You look like a homeless amputee about to pass out on a park bench after I blew him.” Wow, I am so nostalgic right now!

- Potes, America’s Next Top Model 19-5 “The Girl Who Sings for Alicia Keys” Recap