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The Carrie Diaries 1x5 “Dangerous Territory” Recaplet

Carrie gets dressed up to go to the soiree of a rich love interest’s parents. Meanwhile, Mouse gets undressed, Tom loses his wedding ring, and Maggie spends all day at a diner for a bitch-off.

Carrie meets a boy at her internship. The boy, it turns out, is George, son of one of the partners/Tom’s sleazy friend from a couple episodes back. Remember how that guy is sleazy? Well, he’s sleazy because he is rich. His ex-wife and son are also rich, and George invites Carrie to an upcoming display of that wealth. At first, Carrie is tempted not to go because she’s still getting over Sebastian, but then Carrie almost runs over Sebastian with her car after seeing him kiss Donna LeDonna, so she decides to go.

We have always hated Donna, but now that she’s dating the guy Carrie likes the show has decided we can be mean to her and throw food on her. Maggie’s storyline this episode is spent doing just that, as she and Donna fight over a booth at the diner. That’s really all that needs to be said about that.

Mouse is concerned that she’s not good at sex, after her new boyfriend Seth seems less enthusiastic about getting back into the sack. Straight sex is not Walter’s strong suit, but he has watched lots of instructional videos, and shows those videos to Mouse. Mouse wows Seth in bed, which leads to the revelation that he slept with a couple girls while they were broken up. He assumes, due to her sudden prowess between the sheets, that Mouse has also slept with other guys, and holds her to an ancient double standard. It all gets worked out in the end.

Tom loses his wedding ring and can’t think of anything else for the whole hour. He talks to his douche friend Harlan about it, who is obviously no help because he is a rich douche. Harlan is able to offer an offensive “joke” about how a sexy girl at their gym is probably slutty, though. Harlan should lay off the cocaine. Anyway, Tom is so distraught that he hits a woman with his car. She ends up giving Tom her number because his wife died.

At the soiree, Carrie meets George’s mom, who assumes Carrie is low-class because she doesn’t know what “couture” means. The real problem seems for a second like it might be Blythe, George’s ex-girlfriend who can afford to be in rehab. But Blythe is just kind of frosty, and Carrie overhears George’s mom talking rich to him, and saying mean things about Carrie.

Things suddenly change, though, when George’s mom learns that Carrie is Carrie Bradshaw, daughter of Tom and Grace. Then they bond over how cool Carrie’s mom used to be before she had kids and moved to the suburbs. George will remain in the picture for a little while longer, but only as long as we can be expected to care that Sebastian is dating Donna now.

— Carla Patton

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