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Bunheads 1x16 “There’s Nothing Worse Than a Pantsuit” Recaplet

Michelle has to practice her best Hillary Clinton. Ginny does her best Sutton Foster. The results vary.

First of all, I’ve been informed that the vicuna line from the last episode was from Sunset Boulevard. Well done, writers. I am humbled. Michelle is reminded that she has a meeting with townfolk about the legalities of her amphitheater. Also, she gets a call from Talia who tells her that she’s coming to visit. The girls watch a surfing movie at the Oyster House while Boo and Carl make out. Ginny says that she is going to try out for the school musical but no one believes her because she says that she’s going to do it every year and chickens out.

When Milly finds out about the town meeting, she’s really nervous. She thinks it is going to go badly. Roman shows up to drive Sasha to school and she’s weird about it. He wants their relationship to be public. Also, he catches her talking to her plant, which she heard from Martha Stewart was a good thing to do. Then, he says that he wants to eat lunch with her, which is difficult. Ginny asks him to step away for a minute. They talk about how it’s weird that a boy is joining their crew. They decide to be cool though, but it’s uncomfy.

Milly plans a meeting before the town meeting to try to get the upper hand. She makes Michelle wear a business lady outfit. Milly believes that nothing is more intimidating than a pantsuit. Talia shows up and tells Michelle that she and Rick are engaged, though there is a lot of ageist talk accompanying. Roman keeps trying to talk to the girls but they are really not good at it. Then, Carl comes by and says that he wants to sit at their table if Roman is allowed to. Then, stupid Dez just pops in. So, Ginny, poor Ginny who is so sad about change, says that she should just go ask Frankie if he wants to join them. The girls just say that she turns to a puddle every time she is around Frankie. She insists that isn’t true and goes to Frankie’s table, where he is sitting alone. He draws and doesn’t even look up at her. Sad.

Later, Michelle rushes class so that she can get ready for her meeting. Ginny is still weird about Melanie’s roller derby involvement. The pre-meeting involves Sam and Sal accusing Michelle and co. of hurting the environment. Milly takes it to a dark place and starts threatening everyone while Michelle finds Ginny upstairs and agrees to help her with an audition for Bells Are Ringing. I have SUCH a good feeling about this.

Later, Michelle toasts Talia, not because her engagement but because the amphitheater project got approved. Then, Talia gets a call offering her a role in the Rock of Ages touring show. Michelle can’t help but look frustrated. The next day, as she’s trying to help Ginny with her audition, the performer in her breaks out. Michelle wants to be on stage. The day of the audition, Ginny almost ditches again but Frankie convinces her to go in. Later, after it apparently goes well, she tries to flirt with Frankie but it’s awkward. Cozette tries to make her feel better about it, but Ginny shoots her down then Cozette shoots her even more down. She lets Ginny know that she’s in charge.

— Jeff Long

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