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Once Upon a Time 2x13 “Tiny” Recaplet

We return to CGIsland, to learn Anton “Tiny” the Giant’s backstory and how humans brought death to his realm.

Welcome back. The mini-hiatus was delay enough, so let’s get right to it. “Tiny” is one of those episodes in which nothing big happens, yet every little thing seems hugely important. Before traveling to the Storybrooke realm, Cora shrunk Anton “Tiny” the Giant (Jorge Garcia) and stowed him on Hook’s ship. When last we saw Anton, he was living alone in his post-apocalyptic CGIsland. In flashbacks to his realm, we learn that, once upon a time, Prince James had an affair with Jacqueline “Jack” the Giant Killer (Cassidy Freeman). As those of us who have been paying attention know, Prince James is neither charming nor Charming. He is the twin who was raised by the evil King George Charles Widmore.

In the enchanted past, Anton, the runt in a litter of more gigantic giants, is tired of being picked on by his brothers and dubious of their anti-human bigotry, so he descends the beanstalk. When money-grubbing King George learns of this, he dispatches James and Jack to befriend Anton. The plan is for James and Jack to manipulate Anton into taking them to CGIsland, so they can raid the treasure room and steal some magic beans, which go for a pretty penny on the L’enchantement black magic market. Jack gives Anton a magic mushroom (which she probably got in Wonderland). It shrinks Anton to a more workable size and mercifully cuts down on use of green screen. Anyhow, George’s evil plan plays out fairly well for Team Evil. Jack manages to kill all of the giants (save Anton, who is dispatched to destroy the bean crop) before she is dealt a mortal blow. James leaves her to die on CGIsland, and absconds with a bag full of treasure.

Storybrooke Present: Before leaving L’enchantement for Storybrooke, Cora again shrunk Anton and then caged him on the ship. Hook brings Snow and Charming to the ship and shows them Anton. When Snow releases the not so giant Giant, he mistakes Charming for James and attacks him. Fortunately, Snow is armed with her trusty bow and arrows, so she saves her prince, for the nonce. Anton runs off.

Regina, it seems, has taken the first exit off the road to redemption and is doing her mother’s bidding. She finds Anton, tells him she is no fan of the prince either, and gives him a magic mushroom which temporarily restores him to his original size. During his vengeance quest, Anton terrorizes Storybrooke until Charming (whose real, given name is David — more on that in the recap) offers to surrender, provided Anton will let the rest of Storybrooke live in peace. Anton accepts the deal and charges toward David, which is a bad idea. Because of his size, the ground beneath his feet gives way and he falls right through.

Since Storybrooke straddles the divide between L’enchantment and our world, its residents are subject to both fairy tale magic and Murphy’s Law, so while Anton is stuck in a hole of his own making (been there, buddy), he reverts to human size. David and the gang save and befriend Anton. While they’re at Granny’s Diner, talk turns to their inability to return to L’enchantement. It is then that Anton reveals he saved a clipping from a magic beanstalk. Cora brought him to Storybrooke so that he could plant it, in hopes of growing more magic beans. Although the white hats are disinclined to further Cora’s plan, they still think it’s a good idea to grow some magic beans. Grumpy and the other dwarfs (except amnesiac Sneezy) welcome Anton into their fold. They help him till the earth and plant his seedling, and will help him guard his precious crop. (No, I don’t know why it takes seven guys with pickaxes to dig one hole for one tiny plant. Just go with it.) Grumpy hands the not so giant Gian a pickaxe, and the name Tiny appears on its handle. When Anton confesses that was his brothers’ nickname for him, Grumpy smiles and says the axe never lies. Can we just make Jorge a regular now please, Show? Just seeing his face makes me almost as happy as Happy.

Meanwhile, Rumpy, Emma and Henry set out for New York. Still a coward at heart, Rumpy is terrified of the outside world. His fear only grows when he realizes that outside of Storybrooke, he is unable to wield magic. His reaction to having to remove his shoes in the airport is a highlight of the episode, as is hearing the flight attendant welcome the passengers to Ajira Air Other high points include having David’s original name confirmed and Grumpy’s reaction to this news. Our favorite crank even takes one for the audience as he tries to suss it all out.

In other news, Red tries to reach out to Belle, who is still freaked out about being magically healed by a strange man who wields fireballs. Gregor Mendel overhears her, and later visits her hospital room and tells her he knows she’s not crazy because he saw the same thing. Dun dun dun!

-Cindy McLennan

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