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Revenge 2-13 “Union” Recaplet

The time has finally come for Jack and Amily to become man and stripper, and nothing is going to stand in the way of that day being perfect — not even Emanda finding out that they’ve made a deal with the Conrad devil.

To undo the potential powergrab by Conrad, Emanda writes out a check for Amily to give him so she can recover full ownership of the Stowaway, but he’s not interested. One thing Conrad doesn’t know about Amily is she’s a stripper with a family, otherwise known as an unstoppable force. You can be an immovable object all you want, but stripper physics are different. Trust me. Amily goes to Casa Emily on a mission to gain leverage while Emanda’s gone. She finds the infinity X infinity box and the laptop of surveillance secrets, cracking Emanda’s amazing security (the password for the laptop was “infinity”). Ams storms into Conrad’s office at Grayson Manor and claims responsibility for being the bane of the family’s existence this whole time, showing him video from the laptop, and threatens further action against the Graysons if he doesn’t give back the Stowaway. Conrad’s hand is forced. All would seem to be well.

Not only is Emanda prepping for standing at what should be her own wedding, she still has no idea where Aiden is after he threw his hissy fit. It’s only when Aiden demands that Nolan help him glean some information from the video of Colleen’s presumed death that Ems gets a lead on where she can find her brooding boyfriend. He’s off still trying to find evidence that his sister is really dead, but Nolan saves him the trouble by finding morgue records that prove just that. Ems and Aiden go take a look at them in person, and it’s legit. Aiden lost his sister through no fault of his own, but he still runs off to brood some more. That’s just what Aiden does, and I suppose we should just accept it at this point.

Nolan confronts Padma to get to the bottom of why she has betrayed him. Away from the ears the Initiative has planted in Nolcorp, Padma admits that her father was kidnapped a while back and she was contacted by Helen. Her first directive was to get close to Nolan, then to acquire Carrion. But her feelings for Nolan were always real, she insists. Nolan needs some time to think about whether Padma coming clean now is good enough.

The wedding goes down exactly how you would expect it. It’s intimate and beautiful down on the beach, complete with Nolan doing the honors of being the minister. It’s completely gut-wrenching for Ems. There’s bridesmaid’s envy and then there’s having to watch someone live out your exact fantasy wedding. Jack even demonstrates he remembers the pretend wedding they had when they were children. The only thing that keeps Emanda from going over the edge is Aiden appears off in the distance, signaling that she hasn’t lost him as well.

In the Grayson camp, Victoria overhears Daniel speaking on the phone with Helen about some major transactions she wants him to make. The Initiative wants money moved to emerging volatile markets under the guise of investing in their infrastructures. Victoria knows better. This is the same thing they did to frame David Clarke for funding the terrorists that brought down Flight 197. Victoria ignores Helen’s prior threat about warning Daniel of anything, and tells him what’s going on. This brings on a surprise face-to-face visit from Helen for Victoria while everyone else is out of the house. Helen’s her usual condescending and self-assured self, up until she carelessly turns her back to Victoria and lets her pull a gun. Victoria doesn’t hesitate to put a bullet in Helen’s chest. Helen being murdered couldn’t possibly have repercussions.

It would seem that Emanda has lost all inroads to the Initiative now. Prior to Helen being offed, Daniel broke things off with Ems out of fear that the Initiative might come after her if they knew he loved her. So it’s sort of a… not a good thing, but… just a thing that Aiden finally returns for good to continue this quest at her side. The first thing they’ll probably have to deal with is the fact that Nate is not letting this Stowaway deal die. He suggests to Conrad that he could get rid of the leverage against him in the way that a con man usually “gets rid” of thing. He stows away on The Amanda when Jack and Amily set sail for their honeymoon. Things are about to get ugly.

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