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jackrosejackrose said: So you guys seem to really like Scandal (and since I have caught up on it, rightly so!) so I'm a bit surprised you guys don't do weecaps/recaps of it. Any particular reason or just no volunteers/time amongst the recappers?

Honestly, we’re not really sure. We do love it and have devoted an entire photo gallery to why more people should be watching it, but thought that maybe it wasn’t going to be as good as it has clearly been. On the bright side, we¬†fully intend of recapping it next season.

  1. aquablueprincess said: It deserves a recap
  2. jackrosejackrose said: excellenttttt
  3. invisigothds said: Thanks for this! Can’t wait for the recaps!
  4. joctober said: Do you need any volunteers to recap?
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