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How is not Chelsea’s fault? If her puppy had been leashed in her own yard this wouldn’t have happened. It happened BECAUSE of her and she should feel ashamed. I don’t feel bad for her, she should feel bad. The puppy appears to have wandered into the husky’s yard, where the husky was tethered by a leash, because Chelsea didn’t have the dog leashed and wasn’t watching it to see where it wandered to (too busy whining on her phone). I also think she is a coward and sucks for calling daddy (or whoever) instead of even ATTEMPTING to save the dog in any way. Don’t own pets if you aren’t going to take proper care and diligence. I don’t know anyone who would let their dog, let alone a new, tiny puppy outside untethered and unsupervised like that.

I’m thankful every day I don’t have to deal with anyone as dumb as Chelsea is in my life. She shouldn’t be allowed to own a goldfish let alone multiple dogs, let alone raise a child. I think she has the intelligence of broccoli. That TINY little puppy should have never been running around in an open area like that, a whole bunch of other terrible things could have easily happened as well. Is it that hard to leash your dogs, princess? Oh he won’t come back? Maybe because he’s a PUPPY and has had you to “train” him. She is simply TOO DUMB to live on her own let alone be in charge of defenseless creatures.

I am disgusted with MTV, the camera crew, Chelsea and Chelsea’s father for not recognizing her limitations and enabling her to continue to act perpetually 12 years old. I have had reservations about this show and the showcasing of Chelsea in general for a long time but I am officially done with show. Just disgusting.

- Beckain the Teen Mom 2 forum

RIP FRANKIE :( :( :(

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tl;dr - MTV, Camera Crew, and Chelsea killed a puppy.